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Classes For All Fitness Levels

Participants are encouraged to bring water and a small towel for all classes.

This all level class incorporates intervals of high and low impact cardio moves with bouts of toning utilizing free weights, tubing, resist-a-balls, and body weight movements for a complete head to toe calorie torching muscle sculpting workout. If you are bored with your current workout routine, this class is a must try!
Yoga in its full form combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation. Experience the rich benefits of yoga with this therapeutic and balanced yoga routine for beginners or continuing practitioners. Join this class to experience the dynamic flowing sequence of postures linking breath and movement. Practice begins with postures to warm up all major muscles and joints, moving into a challenging series to build strength and flexibility. Come out to this relaxing and rewarding class; make yoga a part of your lifestyle. Yoga mats are available, but you are encouraged to bring your own.
Kid Fit
Making fitness fun for those 12 and under. Kid fit program is a session series that run seasonnally. Kids play games and learn how to make fitness fun. Great opportunity for parents to get a workout in at the same time in the gym. Family discounts apply.
This amazing, non-stop, “never get bored workout” is climbing to the top of the charts as being the BEST fat burning workout ever. The Tabata formula has been scientifically proven to increase your endurance and athletic performance, decrease your body fat, and increase your metabolism! You will push through 20-30 second intervals of high intensity cardio/strength exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, just enough to catch your breath and wipe your brow. Get in the best shape of your life, feel the burn, and waste no time! One question: Can you keep up?
Cardio Sculpt
Combination of cardio exercises such as kickboxing, step aerobics, fast paced, yet quick cardio and strength training in one class. This class is a beginner to advanced class and can be tailored to any level of fitness.
This class is Boot camp nDurance style. This outdoor workout includes use of obstacle course and other training props. This class is a mix of military training exercises and athletic drills for a total body workout that will keep your heart pumping. From beginners to athletes…you will be entertained and motivated.
Dance Fitness
45-60 minutes of hip shaking, toe tapping, squatting, cha-cha moves that will keep your heat pumping. Before you know it you will be busting out moves to the hottest new and classic music. The movements are easy enough for beginners to achieve but challenging enough to make experienced dancers sweat.
Aqua Fit
A fun 60-minute class held at the pool at Hill Heights Country Club. 18 and older and all fitness levels can benefit from the water aerobics workout that is low impact on the knees and includes use of pool noodles, kick-boards, the ledge of the pool, and using both shallow and deep ends to integrate a full body workout.
This class is 20 minutes of strength, 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of core/Pilates. The class is designed to tone the body as well as increase one’s overall endurance!
60-minute class that merges strength and cardio training with Pilates and HIIT. It’s 2 rounds of 4 circuits using weights, benches, medicine balls, etc. This class accommodates a wide variety of athletic ability and movements can be modified for anyone.

Get ready for the BURN! Fuego means fire in Spanish. The Fuego portion of the class is a 30 minutes circuit aimed to find the burn and revel in it. The circuit is 3 rounds, with escalating work to rest ratio (30/30 seconds, 40/20 seconds, 50/10 seconds), that consists of 8 exercises. Four of the exercises are upper body and strength focused while the other four are lower body and mobility focused. There are performed to the rhythmic sounds of Merengue. The Fuego doesn’t stop there. The next 30 minutes turns into a core focused class that revolve around bottom-up, rotational, and top down movements that strengthen the lower and upper abdominal as well as the obliques and lower back.


To be resilient is to be able to rise to the occasion when faced with adversity. The one hour yoga and core combo aimed class is aim to build your resilience by improving your balance, stability, and the mind to muscle connection. Whether it’s starting on the floor or on your feet, the yoga is slow-paced and beginner focused to help build flexibility and strength those new to yoga. Once on the ground, the yoga is blended with core exercises that focus on the lower and upper abs, obliques, and lower back, glutes, and hips.

A 60-minute class of high intensity interval training that is fast paced cardio exercises such as kickboxing, step aerobics with strength training in built in. This class is a beginner to advanced class and can be tailored to any level of fitness.
Core and Mobility
Mobility designates exercises that will increase your range-of-motion and your stabilization, or control of the muscles that surround each joint, Wickham explains. Mobility isn’t the same as flexibility Opens a New Window. , though it is close. Mobility incorporates flexibility and strength, and it’s crucial to help you squat deeper, push harder, and jump higher.


From the moment you join nDurance Fitness, you become part of a family.

nDurance Fitness makes hard work as easy as possible with a very helpful staff!

Their constant encouragement and educated tips have been a leading factor in me maintaining my healthy lifestyle.




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